4 P’s to Mastering Change

4 P’s to Mastering Change

With time on their hands these days, some are reflecting about their life and work in different ways. “When this is over, do I go back to what I’ve been doing or maybe will I finally make the move to what I really want to do?” Would that be you?

I read this somewhere and if you are doing some of that deep thinking maybe you’ll find it helpful.

“Where in the world can you find the world’s greatest books, treasures, and art? In a secret treasure chest in a cave somewhere, or a famous museum?

Nope. You find all that in a cemetery. Yep. How many people do you suppose are buried in there, along with unfinished or unstarted great art, dreams, inventions and ideas because they were too afraid to pursue or publicize them, because they maybe got some negative feedback or something once that scared them from trying again?

I bought a card, intending to give it away. It said, “Don’t let the fear of striking out stop you from getting up to bat”. I never gave it away; I found I needed to look at it and read it from time to time to encourage me. It does, every time I read it.

The need for other approval. The exaggerated expectations we have for first efforts. The way we compare ourselves with others, never mind that they’ve been doing it for years! These things are obstacles not reality checks. 

Whether it’s a change in behavior, the work you do, the life you want to lead, don’t sit on the bench just thinking about it day after day. Get up to bat. You never hit what you don’t swing at. If you are going to bury anything, let it be your fears.

Master change with the help of these 4 P’s – Patience. Planning. Perseverance. Practice. 

Batter up!

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