A short quote. A tall order.

A short quote. A tall order.

Wow.  I had to share this.  I hear this from people a lot.  They become frustrated and demotivated and the organization as a whole becomes less productive because of this.  If you are a leader reading this,  please give what this man is saying some serious thought because if this is you, you may be the precise thing that is holding your organization back, causing employees to leave or demotivating people. If this is you, then you need to know it and you need to stop doing it.

Ok.  Ready?

“What happens with a lot of leaders is that their leadership style is like ADD; they are all over the place with different ideas. They could be driving one idea forward but then move on to something else too soon.”  Henry Cloud

This doesn’t suggest failing to adjust to changes that impact your business, changes that always will come from competitors, customers or the economy in general.  Those things require a disciplined response and employees expect some bobbing and weaving.  I believe Mr. Cloud is talking about a restless or impatient leader. Then again, he may be alluding to a leader who makes changes but fails in the ‘connect the dots’ communications to the troops.  A workforce is like an army, after all, and what army is ever successful and cohesive when they have no idea what their mission is?

We know there are those that prefer to finish what they start and there are those who only need to get something started.  If you as leader or business owner recognize that your desire is to continuously disrupt or change direction before a project or mission is completed, it is important that you hire those who are content to work in that type of environment with you.  Otherwise you will experience a drag on the speed at which you want to proceed and an unproductive level of turnover and resistance.

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