Looking for the Perfect Way

I was just reading a Fast Company interview with James Altucher entitled “The Only Two Rules You Need to Know to be Successful in Life and Work” .

Do you find many people out there looking for these kinds of articles and advice? Like a magic pill or something. There’s no shortage of ‘ooo, ooo, read about me, how I did it, do what I do and be successful like me” people out there selling books, writing articles. And there seems no shortage of people willing to work their tail feathers off to try to be like them.

Just 2 rules with this one? Pretty slick. And it fit that ‘simplify’ thing, you know?

I was about to click out of the article but decided, what the heck, read to the end. And I am glad that I did because he concluded with something very reasonable, with some very good advice. Here’s what he said:

I think studying successful people is good, it shows you the successful traits they have,” he says. “But you still have to build your own successful traits, and that building comes from within.

In all the coaching and counseling I have done with people of all ages, this is what I work to help them find. I guess the movie I watched over and over as a kid and love as an adult – The Wizard of Oz – had a great influence on my thinking. I think studying others is good, like Altucher mentions, but not at the expense of not coming to know and grow our selves.

I encourage each of us to pursue to learn what it is within us – what’s in our own back yard – with equal interest, confident in the knowledge that each of us is special and unique and that finding this will go a long way to taking us to the success in work and life – the Emerald City – we seek.

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