Some Advice on Choosing

Some Advice on Choosing

Someone recently asked me what I paid attention to when hiring and what I help clients with when sourcing candidates for them.  It took me a minute to whittle my thoughts down on this because there are alot of things to pay attention to, right?  But here’s the 3 things I ultimately narrowed it down to.

One important selection criteria when hiring is to consider the types of issues that the person will need to address and assure yourself the person you are hiring has the IQ and experience to be able to recognize and  grasp all the relevant issues and render solid decisions.

The next important consideration is to select those who are not intimidated by the intelligence of others or feel diminished by the success of others.  Because they have an  accurate pictures of themselves and their abilities, recognize and appreciate differences, they don’t suck all the air out of a room or a team. They don’t crave being the center of attention.

The third is to find someone who I could see had the curiosity and love of learning, that maybe wasn’t totally ready for the role, but because they possessed the intelligence and humility and curiosity they would grow into it and inspire others on their way.

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