We can’t find good people! – Myth or money?

This will be short but maybe not too sweet.

Company rep to me: “Can you help us? We have openings but we just can’t find good people.” (multiply this by a substantial factor for how many times in a month I hear this).

Company employee to me: “We really need help. I am getting tired of ‘more with less’. They say they are looking and just can’t find good help. You know what it is? (picture in your mind: employee hand out|rubbing thumb over back of other four finger tips. Get the picture?)


Read that on an advertisement for Fred Astaire’s dance school (a story for another day). I wonder. Is that what we are very often dealing with? We want what we want but we don’t want to pay for it?

It seems to me, for all the information that is out there, there are still too many that do not take the time BEFORE HIRING to figure out just what the position in question returns to the business, how it factors into sustaining and growing the business. What doesn’t happen, what other costs are incurred because the position remains unfilled or under-filled or filled and vacated and filled and vacated…? Who cares if ‘they’ only pay their people ‘$’? Their business model isn’t yours. Or maybe they are spitting distance from losing their shirt.

What is YOUR position worth to YOUR business? Why is it important? That’s what you need to be thinking about. If you don’t know, don’t hire yet. Go find out. Then reassess the investment you need to make, not cost you have to incur.

When we make a personal purchase ‘on the cheap’ , and it falls apart, what do we hear? “Ya get what you pay for”. Right?

If you are struggling to find – or keep – talent, don’t tap dance around the issue. Maybe it’s because you weren’t willing to pay for what you needed to get?

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