“What Did You Just Say?”

“What Did You Just Say?”

How we talk to and about ourselves  makes a huge difference in our personal and professional happiness and success, in the quality of relationships we have with others.  Too many suffer from “stinkin thinkin”  and maybe are just not aware of it and that stinkin thinkin becomes a barrier between us and the things we hope for.

They say the most important relationship we have is with ourselves. It’s true.   They also  say that  our brain is most heavily influenced by and believes what it hears from our own mouths.   So what is your brain hearing from you about you and what self image is it creating?

Think about your thoughts when you encounter criticism, failure, compliments, challenge.  Are they punishing or positive?  Are they complimentary or critical? Are they encouraging or discouraging and defeatist?  Is your self talk true?  

As I write this today,  there has been another high school shooting.  It’s thought a bullied and solitary young person is the perpetrator.  It may seem extreme an example but I’m going there.

I have to wonder what kind of self talk went on in this person’s mind; it could not be uplifting. Of course all negative thoughts don’t result in violence and it’s not an excuse. But the power of what we say to ourselves, which often is in reaction to what has been said to us about us, can’t be underestimated in it’s ability to influence our behavior.

How we interpret and react to  the behavior of others is strongly influenced by what we think of ourselves.

It’s not true that ‘sticks and stones will hurt my bones but names will never hurt me’.  Words are powerful. Be careful and aware when using them.


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